On this page, you will find a list of videos depicting events relevant to the 2011 SWAANA Aar. Some of the content might be graphic, viewers’ discretion is advised.

The sources for these materials are numerous. Therefore, it is difficult to have all the needed information associated with some of the videos. Researcher, especially those who know the languages and dialects of the region, are encourage to offer corrections for incorrect tags and labels, filling out missing information, and cursory translations into other languages.

Find a video/content by topic or keywords using the search box below; or use the filter to generate a list of primary sources. Click on the “Title” to view the content.

TitlePersonsCategoriesTagsCountriesDocument TypeEvent TypeSource Datecountry_hfilterdocument_type_hfilterevent_type_hfilter
2009 VideosPrimary Sources, Videos, 01012009saudi-aabia yemen
2011 Desertion of SAA OfficersPrimary Sources, Videos07222011syriavideodesertion
2011 ProtestsPrimary Sources, Videos01242011syriavideoprotest
2011 videos of SWAANAPrimary Sources, Videos, , 10132011libya syria tunisiavideo
American and Israeli-made weapons rebels left behind found in Damascus CountrysidePrimary Sources, Videos02182019syriavideofound
April 2018 Video PlaylistPrimary Sources, Videos, , 04302018iraq syria yemenvideonarrative
Arab Spring Protests ChantsPrimary Sources, Videos, , , 01282011bahrain egypt tunisia yemenvideoprotest
Desertion in Syrian military 2011Primary Sources, Videos01072011syriavideodesertion
Desertion of Omer Ahmed ShamsiPrimary Sources, Videos06012011syriavideodesertion
Desertions of SAA officers 2011Primary Sources, Videos06232011syriavideodesertion
Desertions: Syrian Arab Army (SAA), 2011Primary Sources, Videos05012011syriavideodesertion
Explore Video ContentPrimary Sources, Videos01032006
Houthis Missiles Hit Saudi ArabiaPrimary Sources, Videos, , 05152018saudi-arabia yemenvideoarmed-attack
HTS news media, January 2019Primary Sources, Videos01012019syriavideo
March 2018 Videos of the War in SWAANAPrimary Sources, Videos, 03312018syria yemenvideonarrative
Officers joining the armed opposition groups- SyriaPrimary Sources, Videos07142011syriavideodesertion
Riad al-As`ad, officer in the SAA joining the oppositionOther, Primary Sources, Videos07142011syriavideodesertion
Search for videosPrimary Sources, Videos04092019syriavideo
South Damascus BattlePrimary Sources, Videos05042018syriavideobattle-scenes
SWAANA videosPrimary Sources, Videos03082019
The operation that started the 2006 war in LebanonOther, Videos, 07162006lebanonvideobattle
Treatment of detainees and POWsPrimary Sources, Videos01202011syriavideotorture
Tunisia to equate between men and women in inheritance rightsPrimary Sources, Videos08132018tunisia
Updated 2019 videosPrimary Sources, Videos04012019
Urban warfare in SWAANAPrimary Sources, Videos, , , 01012018iraq libya syria yemenvideobattle-scenes
Videos from February 2018Primary Sources, Videos, , 02282018iraq syriavideomultiple-events
Videos of the War in Syria (May 2018)Primary Sources, Videos, , 06132018syriavideobattle
War in LibyaPrimary Sources, Videos11282011libyavideofighting
War Video Playlist January 2018Primary Sources, Videos, 01012018syria yemenvideomultiple-events
Weapons used in Syria’s WarPrimary Sources, Videos, 05012018syriavideodocumenting
Yarmouk Operation, Primary Sources, Videos, , 05082018syriavideobattle-scenes bombing fighting
Yemen War 2018Primary Sources, Videos, , 05152018saudi-arabia yemenvideowar-action