Media Coverage

Advances in digital technology enabled news outlets to extend their reach to audiences beyond their geographical borders. A satellite television like Aljazeera for example, with an initial audience of nearly 40 million in 21 Arab countries, used the Internet to reach audiences residing outside those borders. Television channel channels were able not only to stream their live broadcast over the Internet, but also create digital content that mirror and reflect their editorial decisions. Professor Souaiaia noticed that the digital coverage, while representative of the broadcast content, it represents a digital footprint that can be analyzed for explicit and implicit bias. Media outlets not only inform audiences about current events, but also represent the building blocks of the historical record of events. The digital content added another important element that print media, radio, or television did not have: immediacy of coverage.

A newspaper article, before it is published, goes through an editorial processes that shape its words and determine the time of its release. With digital technology, social media and competition forced media outlets to speedup their coverage of a developing story and that exposed even more their bias and editorial politics. Often, news outlets would edit and modify digital content several times as the story develops, and such textual and editorial changes become informative to researchers. The value of such information becomes even more valuable if a large sample of news outlets is captured over a long period of time. Thus was born the research project that aimed to study the media coverage of the 2011 SwAaNA War: A random and timed collection of screenshots of an average of 100 media outlets from around the world over a period of five then ten years.

This collection is made available here for researchers from different disciplinary background to study, analyze, and explain.

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Al Jazeera Coverage of the War in SyriaImages, Other, 05292018qatarphotojournalism media-narrative
Control Map: SyriaImages, Maps, Primary Sources, , , 05062018syria turkeyimage mapbattle territory-control
Control maps 2013Images, Maps, Primary Sources, , 09292013libya swaana syriamapliberation
Control maps 2014Maps, Other, Primary Sources, , , , , , , , , , 12312014iraq libya syria turkey yemenborder-disputes map national-borders territorial-integrityliberation
Control maps for the year 2012Maps, Primary Sources, , 09302012iraq libya syriamapliberation
East Ghouta Rebels: Jaysh al-IslamImages, Primary Sources03102018syriaphoto
Explore Images ContentImages, Primary Sources01022010
Explore MapsMaps, Primary Sources01012011
Maps — 2011Images, Maps, Primary Sources, 01012011syriamapterritory-control
Media Coverage 2010Primary Sources, Screenshots, , , , , , , , 12312010iran libya qatar saudi-arabia syria turkey yemenmedia-coveragemedia-narrative
Media Coverage 2012 compared to 2018 (samples)Images, Primary Sources, Screenshots, , , , , , 12012018iran iraq libya syria yemenimage screen-capturenews-coverage
Media Coverage on May 09, 2018Images, Primary Sources, , 05092018media-coverage photonarrative
Media Coverage on May 11, 2018Images, Primary Sources, Screenshots, , , , , , 05112018qatar syriamedia-coverage photocommentaries narrative news-analysis news-reporting
Media Coverage on May 14, 2018Images, Primary Sources, Screenshots, , , 05142018photonews-reporting
Media Coverage on May 18, 2018Images, Primary Sources, Screenshots, , , , 05182018screen-capture screenshotjournalism narrative news-reporting
Media Coverage on May 22, 2018Images, Primary Sources, Screenshots, , , , , , 05222018manyscreen-capture screenshotcommentaries news-analysis news-reporting op-ed
Media Coverage on May 25, 2018Images, Primary Sources, Screenshots, , , , , , , 05252018media-coverage screen-capture screenshotmedia-narrative narrative news-analysis op-ed
Media Coverage on May 29, 2018Images, Primary Sources, Screenshots, , , , 05292018syriamedia-coverage screen-capture screenshotnews-analysis op-ed
Syria war January 2018 imagesImages, Primary Sources01012018syriaphotoconference
Weapons of the Armed GroupsImages, Primary Sources, , 05162018syriaphoto
Weapons Surrendered by RebelsImages, Primary Sources, 05102018syriaconfiscation