Who can register and access the Repository?

Most of the content of this Repository is restricted. Only registered and verified users can access the main body of data and do so under the terms of Fair Use.

The repository contains primary sources documenting the conflicts and uprisings that took pace in Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWAANA) during the decade that started in 2011. It is made available for the purposes of academic research/providing commentary, and for investigators of possible war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide and to help victims and/or families of the victims seeking legal redress now or in the future.

The nature of the content, given the sources, makes it unclaimable since some of the producers and distributors of the original content are designated by UN organizations and some governments as extremist entities, whose activities violate international and some national laws.

The content is intended for non-commercial purposes. Researchers seeking access to this content must agree to use the primary sources for the purposes described herein and should not download it, share it and/or use it for commercial purposes or any other purposes not allowed by law and/or this terms of use of this site.

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To receive access, please take the following steps:

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If you are a researcher with content related to this project and you would like to make such a content available through this Repository, please register as Content Provider and use the steps above to describe your content and request access to a folder where you can upload your materials. Content providers are responsible for making sure that the content does not violate any legitimate copyright or patent claims.


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Both, the Primary Sources and the Secondary Literature are made available as a public service. The founders provided the startup fund. In the long run, the sites must be self-sustaining, supported exclusively by the community of users. As recent revelations have shown, a for-profit online service (like Facebook) or an advertiser-sponsored service have a human cost: privacy risks and loss of control over personal data. For this project, the founders determined that a user-supported service is most appropriate. Users’ support is delivered in the form of financial contributions, gifts, subscriptions, and volunteering—collectively referred to as Donations (time and money). As such, these donations are not payments for services. They are users’ contribution to support education, research, and the sharing of information. By using the sites, a user acknowledges these definitions and limits and agrees to the terms of use/service.

Additionally, your subscription to SwAaNA Project is independent from your membership in, which is limited to researchers and experts to promote their own work. The accounts are de-linked so that your privacy is respected and any information you submit to the sites can only be used for the specific purpose it was collected—it will not be shared internally or externally.

Access: Most, if not all, content of the SwAaNA Project is available to registered users only. There several reasons for limiting access including the following,

Some of the content may not be suitable for all audiences. To make sure that only adults have access, members must contribute a membership fee to have  access to the content. By requiring payments,

> it is presumed that only an adult who has a credit card or some other financial tool is able to register and access the content,

> access to the content is limited so that no bandwidth assets are wasted,

> this service is self-sustaining financially, and

> your privacy and personal information are respected and protected.